What Texting Does to Your Neck!

Due to the recent smart phone invasion, our clinic has noticed a significant increase in lower neck pain.  We call it the Smartphone Syndrome.  For some reason it’s in our human nature to bring our head toward our phone rather then bring the phone toward our head.  You can see in the picture above just how bad that […]

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New Research Comes Out Supporting Pre-Surgery Rehabilitation

There is plenty of evidence supporting the use of physical therapy after total joint replacements, but the use of pre-habilitation has been in question.   New research comes out finding therapy before surgery can reduce the need for and cost of postoperative care. In a study that came out of Journal of Bone & Joint […]

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What to expect when your expecting…..a total knee replacement!

Above is a picture of a what the inside of total knee replacement looks like.  It’s definitely not all fun and games, but compared to not being able to walk, run, play, it’s worth it. I frequently get asked, “What should I expect with a total knee replacement?” or “How long does it take to recovery […]

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