Exercising at Home in the Time of Covid-19

As we enter yet an additional phase of restrictions and isolation, it is more important than ever to stay active at home. We aren’t going out to the gyms or stores as often as we used to. Now with the snow moving in and temperatures plummeting it is becoming increasingly difficult to get outside to walk and exercise.

Consequences of Decreased Activity

With a reduction in activity level strength and balance deficits become more apparent. One in three people over 65 and half of people over 85 fall at least once a year. Of those falls at least 15% lead to injury. Are you finding it more difficult to get up out of your chair? Or are you feeling less confident waking out in your yard or even around the house? Do you find it difficult to go up and down the stairs? If so try adding a few of the following exercises into your daily routine.

Home Exercises

Start walking 10 minutes twice a day even if it is around your house. Set a timer or put your favorite music on and walk for the duration of three songs.
Try standing up and siting down 10 times a day from your kitchen chair. Make sure it is a steady chair that does not have wheels. Try to do this without your arms if you can. Focus on sitting down slowly with good control. Think “sit soft and quiet.”
Stand at your kitchen counter and place your hands on the counter for balance. Push up onto the balls of your feet 10 times.
Stand at your kitchen counter place your hands on the counter for balance. Lift your toes 10 times.
Stand at your kitchen counter and place your hands on the counter for balance. Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. Repeat on the opposite leg.
Perform only if you can do the above exercises safely and without pain. If, despite these tips, you are experiencing difficulty with waking or your daily activities we at Foothills Orthopedic and Sport Therapy are available to help.