Kegels For Pelvic Pain

Continuing along with our theme of pelvic floor strengthening, this blog is going to be about kegels….


Anyone who’s ever experienced pelvic pain or pelvic organ prolapse will tell you it’s a frustrating and painful ordeal.  If you or a loved one suspect pelvic floor dysfunction, call your doctor for an immediate check-up.  If your doctor recommends “shaping up” of the pelvic floor muscles, you might want to consider “Kegel Exercises” (most women have heard of Kegels).

Experts agree that Kegel exercises are the most effective way to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. According to several studies, women after the age of 35 lose approximately 5% of their body’s muscle mass every 10 years. This loss of muscle mass affects every aspect of a woman’s body, including the pelvic region. So how can physical therapy help women (and men) tone and strengthen muscles, especially in the pelvic area?

Physical therapists can design a full pelvic workout, including exercises called “Pelvic Clocks” and “Kegels” to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region.  These exercises are meant to restore tone to our pelvic floor region and core. Kim Saunders, DPT is a physical therapist at our Fort Collins clinic who has recently been certified in pre-natal and post-pardum therapy.   She is an expert when it comes to pelvic floor strengthening.

To find out how you can benefit from these and other exercises, call our office today to schedule an
appointment. Let us help you regain control of your pelvic floor muscles. Don’t wait until you suffer the
symptoms of pelvic floor weakness to take action.