It’s Summertime! Should You Exercise Indoors Or Outdoors?

Whether you exercise in the comfort of your own home, a gym or prefer to be outdoors, there are important considerations between indoor and outdoor workouts that you should be aware of. Your physical therapist will be able to design an exercise or physical therapy program with enough variation to keep you healthy and motivated throughout summer.


Staying Indoors
Here are some of the advantages of exercising indoors:

  • Climate control: Most people choose to exercise indoors to escape extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Environment control: Accidents can happen anywhere, but the risk of
    injury decreases with indoor equipment.
  • Intensity control: Machines such as the treadmill, elliptical and bicycle
    allow you to modify your speed, incline/level and duration of exercise.

    • In addition;
      These machines can also lower the impact on your feet, knees,
      hips and spine. This is something outdoor trails cannot always
    • Most aerobic machines are equipped with heart rate monitors,
      which help you determine the intensity of your workout. If you
      are unsure of how high or low your heart rate should be while
      exercising, call us for more information.
    • Precise muscle targeting: Several machines in a gym can help to
      strengthen certain muscle groups of the body (like quadriceps or biceps)
      and allow you to restore muscle imbalance.

Don’t let extreme heat, allergies, or thunderstorms break your exercise routine.  Your physical therapist is happy to help you decide whether inside or outside activity might be right for you.