Identifying and Engaging The Right Muscles

To expand on our last blog of importance of “core” muscles, I want to touch on how to get the “right” muscles on…                                                                           .core1

Step one = Identify the right muscles
In order to identify where your pelvic floor muscles are, you want to
tighten your muscles in that area. Identifying the muscles correctly is
the first step towards muscle engagement and increased control.


Step two = Learn to engage (contract) the pelvic floor muscles
Contracting the muscles is not difficult, but you want to be sure you
are doing it correctly.
Begin by contracting the muscle upward and inward. The best way to
think about this is – imagine you are going to the bathroom. You want
to stop yourself midway (or midstream) by actively contracting your
pelvic floor muscles. But don’t do these as an exercise when you are
actively using the restroom.


Step three = Pace yourself
You need to train your pelvic floor muscles just as you would any
other muscle group, through repetition.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our skilled physical therapists and we will be